“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world .”

Henry Luce

Hiruni, Tsunami survivor Sri-lanka. Street children Culcuta. Rohyngya-refugees-waiting-for-food-distribution_Fotor Refugees waiting for food distribution Rohyngya. Rohyngya-children-refugees1 Children refugees Rohyngya. Rohyngya-children-refugees Children refugees Rohyngya. Child refugee Rohyngya. Child refugee Rohyngya. Jean-in-a-Slum-in-Central-Africa Jean in a Slum Central Africa. Hairdresser in a slum Nairobi. Farmer Cote-d'Ivoire. Afgan-children-refugee-in-Pakistan Afgan children refugee Pakistan. Afgan woman Kabul. Nutendo School Congo. Lome-slum Lome slum Lome. Child-in-a-slum-in-argentina_Fotor Child in a slum Argentina. Street child Calcuta. Street child in the train station Calcuta. Ama, Tsunami survivor Sri-Lanka. Refugee Rohingya. Refugees Rohingya. Child Refugee Rohingya. Refugee Rohingya. Refugee Darfour. Child refugee Darfour. Child refugee Darfour. Little paysans Burkina. Juan in the trashfield Nicaragua. Little Fatou Guinea. Ecoliers Ivory Coast. Disabled child Argentina. Children prison Manila, Philippines.