Radio Reports

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Guatemala : Persecuted Indian refugees in the mountains.

The daily life of a nutritional center in the DRC.

Food is diverted to the benefit of the governor in North of Argentina.

Paris: The life of the homeless in Paris at night.


A humanitarian boat arrives with 700 tons of food in Kwilu province in the DRC.

Street children considered as witches in Kinshasa.

Peshawar: An Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan.



Manuela has created 30 radio programs in Haiti whose goal is to do school on the radio “My Mistress on the radio”. These are educational radio programs and fun for children 6-10 years out of school. They allow them to develop their abilities, to identify with other children, to stimulate their imagination and to be able to build themselves.

In the studio, a traditional storyteller and a mistress teach the class on a background of the adventure of Jojo and Fafa aged 7 and 9 years.